Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Welcome to Slippery Rock University's Mainframe Home Page

This server is powered by IBM z/VM 3.1 running on a FLEX-ES S/390 emulator.
FLEX-ES 6.2.22 runs on SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 in an IBM X-232 server.
Web pages are served out by Rick Troth's WEBSHARE.

The mainframe hosts mostly internal SRU applications that run in VSE/ESA and CICS.

Students register for classes, get their grade reports and many other functions via the web
and telephone that accesses CICS through RockTalk.

Many popular VM/CMS programs are on our Download page in VMARC files.

Webmaster is  Fran Hensler

Please visit the Official SRU Home Page